24 - Season Five (Slim-Pack)
A:Kiefer Sutherland , A:Mary Lynn Rajskub , A:Kim Raver , A:Jean Smart , A:James Morrison (II) , D:Jayne Atkins , D:Jude Ciccolella , D:Peter Weller
Cover Art
DVD/NTSC Region:1
NR (Not Rated)

Eighteen months after faking his own death, Jack Bauer is forced to return to Los Angeles when it becomes apparent that the only four people who know he is still alive are being systemically targeted for assassination. The assassinations coincide with the signing of an anti-terrorism treaty between Russia and the U.S., leading Jack to suspect a link between the assassinations, the treaty, and a group of Russian terrorists. But as events slowly unfold it becomes apparent that the day's horrific events were originally set in motion by someone within our country's own administration – an individual with the power and resources to thwart Jack's every move.

  • Year: 2005
  • Length: 1048 minutes
  • Language: Spanish
  • UPC: 024543390381

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