Kung Fu Chaos
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28 February, 2003
Video Games

Do you want to party like it’s 1979? Well pull up a seat grasshopper, and get ready for Kung Fu Chaos, a silly but fun party game that's basically a kung fu movie simulator. You pick one of eight fighters to "act" in various fighting scenes interspersed with party games--think Powerstone meets Fusion Frenzy. After a scene is finished, you can replay the level as a 1970’s kung fu movie, complete with commentary from fictional movie director Shao Ting.

Kung Fu Chaos has solid single and multiplayer play. In single player mode, you can play the Ninja challenge, which pits you against a clan of mysterious evil Ninjas. If you unlock enough areas in the Ninja Challenge, you can choose a character and jump into the single player Miniseries challenge, which has unique tasks for each character. If you opt for multiplayer, you’ve got the 12 level Championship game, where up to four human players can duke it out. There are also Battle Game, Freestyle, and Rehearsal modes, which can be played in either single or multiplayer.

The graphics and music are decent, not extraordinary. The game has a fun deformed-cartoon style, and the music includes both the theme from Enter the Dragon and Kung Fu Fighting. The voice acting is good too, especially during cut scenes and when characters taunt each other. The frame right stays smooth no matter how many characters are on the screen, which is good, but sometimes there is so much fast action on the screen (especially during multiplayer play), that you can easily lose track of your character.

Those who approach this game as a pure fighting game will be disappointed. The moves are fairly simple, and all of the players only have one special attack. It's meant to be played with pals: get a few friends together and it becomes a terrific kung-fu romp. Fight in Chinese restaurants, ancient temples, and spooky graveyards. Duke it out on a raft in the rapids while a T-Rex is chasing you. Save a princess, and just for laughs, hurl said princess at your enemies. Beat up ninjas in one scene, and throw life rafts to them in another. Power-up by successfully taunting your foes, and hear the baying donkey when you fail. This game is made for a party, and it's undeniably fun.--Bryan Karsh


  • Cheesy kung-fu movie style, complete with taunts
  • Strong multiplayer and single player games
  • Funny as a poorly written fortune cookie
  • Simple moves will disappoint fans of fighting games.


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