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CoverTitle ^ FormatArtist(s)
21st Century Game Design (Game Development Series)
BookChris Bateman , Richard Boon
Beautiful Evidence
BookEdward R. Tufte
Chris Crawford on Game Design (New Riders Games)
BookChris Crawford
The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within, Second Edition
BookEdward R. Tufte
Creating Emotion in Games: The Craft and Art of Emotioneering (New Riders Games)
BookDavid E. Freeman
The Design of Future Things: Author of The Design of Everyday Things
BookDonald A. Norman
Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices (VOICES)
BookDan Saffer
Designing for Small Screens (Advanced Level)
BookStudio 7.5
Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design
BookJenifer Tidwell
Game Design: Theory and Practice (2nd Edition) (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
BookRichard Rouse
#1 - 10 of 19 Next>>

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