The Muppet Show - Season Two
Reviewer: Ironmaus
Rating: 8.0/10
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This season was even more fun for me to watch than the first largely because I recognized so many more of the guest stars. While there are a few clunkers, I loved watching John Cleese, George Burns, Steve Martin, and even Elton John rock The Muppet Show. Rich Little was a particular low point for me but that may be due to impersonations being quite low on my personal humor index. Is this true of the population on the whole? Have we tired of this art?

Anyway, minus a few points for not including the extremely informative--if over-produced--trivia track that was on the first season DVDs. Still great menus. There's even the Weezer video for "Still Fishing" on there. Looking forward to season four with John Denver, Victor Borge, and Star Wars.

Date Reviewed: December 4, 2007


  Isidore3 on December 16, 2008
All my childood. Isidore3

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