Cyborg 009 - Uncut & Unedited
Reviewer: Ironmaus
Rating: 6.0/10
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I picked up this DVD set from for $4 one day because...well, I'll try any anime for $4.

This has a fairly straightforward plot that surrounds a group of escaped cyborgs who started out as regular people but were kidnapped by a mercenary arms manufacturer and turned into super soldiers. Their rebellion pits them against the shadowy organization that created them. The audience learns about the history of this group through their newest and most powerful member, 009.

Each of the nine main characters has a specialty like ESP, super strength, or flight. They also share some abilities which can occasionally cause some confusion as to who can do what but you get by. My favorite cyborg ability (thankfully limited to one character) is "changing into any object by touching his belly button." Ten minutes into the start of the show, this cyborg leaps onto a tank, turns into a kangaroo, and pulls a bomb from his pouch. It's absurdity galore.

Every episode centers on the appearance of a new threat--usually the next robot in the "00 Series"--and the team's attempts to overcome.

It's only the first eight episodes of a series that hasn't seen a full release on DVD, so if you get hooked, you're out of luck. Unless you're really hard up for anime though, I think the chances of you getting hooked are pretty slim. Just borrow it from someone, watch the bomb-carrying kangaroo, and move on to something more worthy of your time.

Date Reviewed: November 21, 2006

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